Doodle Art Workshop is designed for everyone who wants to learn and give this amazing form of art a chance. It is for beginners, artists, non – artists or for those who are looking to cope with stress in their lives. This workshop is a brain child of Artist Mamta Singh, who has designed this course in such a way that people not only get to learn the basics about doodling, they can also choose it as a profession. (We have a full course designed just for that!). All it takes is your will to learn and practise on a regular basis.
At Doodle Art Workshop, we believe that there is no age for learning. This class is open to everyone who wants to explore doodling or someone who simply wants to do it for fun. The sessions work on many creative aspects like generating ideas, knowing your own style, relieving stress, inspiring yourself and others and also giving some major career goals to the world if you manage to ace it professionally. This is a super fun and knowledgable workshop which is surely going to be a worthwhile experience. It is something you will never regret doing at least once in this lifetime irrespective of your goals. Watch the video of our workshop below, and if it ignites even a tiny spark, then do visit and explore yourself!




DATE – 19/1/2020

TIME – 12.30 P.M. – 4.30 P.M.


Attending the Doodle Art Workshop was liberating.  Mamta was awesome and she nailed it. Would recommend everyone to attend it once in their lifetime.

– Shristi Shukla