Week 1

Mamta Kids 3
Have you ever heard 10-12 year old kids talking about art business? I did! At my Bengaluru Workshop that happened on 2nd Feb! And I was completely awestruck. They came up to me and said ‘Hey ma’am! I have one question. I want to make Instagram as my side business. How do you suggest I do that?’

Week 2

Open image
‘Konjam urchaagathoda kaththungakattukiratu’! If you are wondering what this means, its actually ‘Class utsaah dikhao’ in Tamil! I learned this from my class at DAW Chennai held on 9th Feb, 2020. Doodle Art Workshops gives me an opportunity to travel across the world, learn new things and interact with such interesting people.

Week 3

Mamta with kid
DAW goes international! And that too for the third time! We’ve had a blast conducting workshops in Indonesia and Philippines. Who knew that we will get a chance to go back to Philippines again so soon. This week we conducted two workshops, both in such contrast with each other.

Week 4

This week I share the origin story of Doodle Art Workshop. How did I get the idea? Why did I specifically choose doodle art? Where was the first workshop held? How did it go? Get all your answers here.

Week 5

Our DAW Instagram got hacked! We received this message on WhatsApp from an unknown number. How did it happen? How did we recover our account? Read to find out the whole story!

Week 6

We shouted and danced with joy! 65 students! I will never forget that day because it was the biggest batch I had taken till then! I was nervous and happy at the same time. I had no idea how was I going to manage so many students together. All I knew was I wanted to have an impact on each one of them. This was the day of many ‘first’s and many lessons.

Week 7

I always say that every incident, positive or negative, teaches you something. The COVID-19 situation made me realise how lucky I am to be backed by a kickass army. When I say army, I mean each one of my students, my team members, my friends, the support staff at all the venues, our vendors everyone! I truly wish for the safety and well-being of each one of you. I have been at home for the past week, self introspecting and thinking. I have realised how grateful I am for you.