Have you ever heard 10-12 year old kids talking about art business? I did! At my Bengaluru Workshop that happened on 2nd Feb! And I was completely awestruck. They came up to me and said ‘Hey ma’am! I have one question. I want to make Instagram as my side business. How do you suggest I do that?’
’Some people use hashtags to grow their followers. Do you suggest the same?’. And wait wait! This one is a classic, ‘Ma’am! Whenever I focus in my Instagram, my studies suffer. What do I do?’
Mamta Kids 1
Mamta Kids 2
Mamta Kids 3
I know! I know! I was shocked too! But I managed to somehow answer them normally without looking shook. I tell you, kids these days man!

This was one highlight of the workshop. This workshop came with a twist actually… ANKLE TWIST! Yes I got my ankle twisted a night before the workshop. I was unable to move in the morning. At 6 am, I put up a story on my Instagram handle for a volunteer requirement. I was in pain, and as we all know pain is gain. What I gained here was the experience of employing a volunteer for my workshop. My former student Neha came to the rescue. She has attended both of my basic and advanced workshops.

When she replied on my DM about how she wants to help, how she doesn’t need any money and she just wants to experience and learn how to go about all this, I knew she was perfect for the job.

She handled the whole event like a pro. So I thought to myself how I should do this more often. So yes! All thanks to Neha’s good work for putting this idea in my mind. I’ll be opening volunteer positions for workshops in every city. Stay tuned on our Instagram page. We’ll put up a story about the requirement from now on wards.


It was also the first time we collaborated with a local photographer/videographer. We posted a story about the requirement and got a good number of applications. Aakash was selected and man! It was so much fun working with him.


He was up on his toes all the time, catching precious moments in the workshop. Take a look at these pictures he clicked.


Do WATCH THE VIDEO that he made for us Its awesome!

We also launched our “Basic Level Study Material” workbook in this event and it received a tremendous response.

And oh! How can I forget these lovely boys!
They learned the techniques, went home and made this for me. It is my name is Tamil. I know! Its beautiful!

Also, I got the list! Yes! The list of legendary Korean and Spanish movies to watch on Netflix. These girls, these movie freaks! I promise I am going to watch all of them.


These are the moments that make me feel special and loved. And I have decided to share these moments with you. If you are still reading this, I love you!

You make me!
Thank you!