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What is Doodle Art?

Doodle art is usually something you draw or scribble without putting a lot of mind to it. But by putting in a little effort and mindfulness, you can create a masterpiece. I teach how to put that effort into right direction. Doodle art is representative in nature. Representative images, drawings, thoughts. It doesn’t need to be perfect but at the same time, it does need to convey your thoughts. Doodle art workshop tries to teach how to put your thoughts to paper.

Who can attend?

Anyone. Really anyone. Whether you sail in this direction or not, it doesn’t matter. Right from the basics to pro level, we got it all covered. The Basics class is the beginning of everything. Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, we have something for everyone. Even if you haven’t drawn anything your entire life, you’ll be surprised by your creativity.

Any age restrictions?

10 years and above.

Are there any levels to this workshop?

There are two levels – Basic and Advanced. After completing the basic level, participants will receive a link for advanced level in their mails. And all the information will be given there itself. Advanced level workshop will happen only once a year in the last quarter of the year.

Can I directly attend the 'ADVANCED' workshop?

No. Only those who have attended the basic level would get the link to attend ADVANCED level.

Is the workshop fee negotiable?

Sorry. It is not negotiable. But we do have discount for the whole package bought together.

What pens do you use to doodle?

Well, almost any pen on this earth. There isn’t a particular brand I stick to. From permanent markers to ball pens to gel pens to any pens, anything works. It usually depends on the kind of doodle I am making. For finer lines, I use finer tips like Micron Pens, for bold designs, I use a thicker nib. You have to try a few to find the right ones for you.

I love doodling but I don't get ideas around it. Will this workshop help me?

Yeah totally! This whole workshop is based on the idea of using your own instincts to create something. We do not teach to copy us and make something which looks exactly the same as we draw, rather we encourage you to add your own twist. This workshop will help you make your own art piece with your thoughts guiding throughout. It is like giving shape to your vision.

Is block printing a part of this workshop?

No. I only teach doodle art but it will help you in making designs for the blocks. You can create something beautiful out of mixing doodling and any other form of art.

What all can you do with doodling?

Sky is the limit. You can use doodling in so may things. From writing notes using doodling for fun to making personalized gift wrappers, paper bags to redesigning old objects like t-shirts, mugs, book covers, furniture to making wall murals to posting it on your social media account to simply keeping a collection of it in your scrap book. You can almost doodle anywhere.

What is the total duration of your workshop?

Basic Level – 4 hours. Advanced Level – 18 hours ( 9 hours x 2 days)

Can we pay Cash on the spot?

Our slots usually get full before 2-3 days of the workshop by online registration and therefore, all payments are done upfront. However, if on a particular day the slots don’t get full and you get a seat on the spot, you can pay cash at that time. 

Can anyone learn doodling even if they've never done it before?

Everyone has doodled at some point in their lives. If you have scribbled at the back of your notebook before, you’ve doodled. If you’ve drawn random things on the blackboard, you’ve doodled. If you’ve drawn a face on the beach sand, you’ve doodled. If you’ve ever used a pen, you’ve doodled. So yes, anyone can learn how to doodle. At the workshop, we guide you from the basics to the Pro level in such a way that you would amaze yourself in the end.

How is doodling different from other artwork?

It is not something which is separate from other artwork. In fact, it is a combination of various artworks. It involves sketching, drawing, painting, illustrating, etc..but in a representative manner. You don’t have to be precise until you learn to put your thoughts on paper. Once you learn that, you can start working on the details. This workshop will teach you everything about doodling including merging other artworks into doodling.

What's the price of all the levels of this workshop?

Basic level is priced at Rs 2000/- . Advanced level fee is conveyed to the participants who have attended the Basic level

Where all do you conduct this workshop?

This year I will try to cover as many cities as possible. Information on cities covered till now is here <link to past workshops>